Our Credit Repair Services

We are committed to supporting individuals and families to improve their lives through the improvement and wise use of their credit.

Client Services

We find that our client success rate goes up when an affiliate partner understands the process of being a client of ours. Below is a step by step description of what our clients experience.

Credit Consultation

Here we educate a client on their current credit and set necessary goals. If we determine a client is not a fit for our service we send them our do-it-yourself credit repair kit free of charge.

Case Manager

We assign client’s a case manager who will oversee the credit restoration process. The case manager will be the direct contact for the client and be conducting the necessary case work.


We strive to keep our clients completely in the loop on their case status. Our goal is our clients know where they stand at all times with provided access to their case through our client website.

Case Evaluation

We’ll evaluate our client’s credit reports and identify any information that is damaging, lowering their score. Once these items are identified we will devise a strategy to remove them.


If needed, we will start correspondence with the three main credit bureaus. All our correspondence on our client’s behalf is in accordance with the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).


Once the disputing and investigating is complete, the client’s credit file will then be updated and logs of any deletions or changes will appear in our system.


Once the new updated information is entered into our system the case manager will perform another case evaluation making sure the client is good to go.

Continuous Support

We will continue the process of disputing and re-evaluating repeatedly until our client’s credit scores are in the desired range and ready for loan processing.

“I signed up for your service even though I completed my home loan. I am happy to say that when my 2 years are up I can rid myself of the high interest rate I am currently paying. Thanks for the good work.”

D. Patton

Credit Unlimited Client

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